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Case Sari and Talca


First the good news. Kevin Schneider is now a convicted animal abuser in Rhode Island. He pleaded guilty this morning to charges of animal abandonment, and withholding food and water from an animal. This is a misdemeanor in RI, and he received about as heavy a sentence possible under RI law. He got a six month sentence in jail, which was suspended (that's the bad news), and eleven months probation. He was also ordered to pay restitution to the Animal Hospital that took care of Sari, and court costs. On top of that he is ordered not to have any animals in his possession.If Schneider fails to comply with his probation, commits another crime, or fails to meet his obligations to pay restitution, the judge told him he would spend 11 months in jail.His next court dates are June 23 in Connecticut, and August 21 in Newton, MA. The Connecticut case is a misdemeanor, like in RI but he faces felony counts in MA, and up to 2.5 years in jail.
Michael McCann
Esto le ha ocurrido a dos galgas irlandesas, del canódromo de Barcelona. Cuando cerró el canódromo, estas dos galgas viajaron de Valladolid, a USA para un vida mejor.

Este individuo ha adoptado a una y después a la otra. Pero hace poco él ha tirado a una de su coche, (con un testigo quien cuando le ha parado, la galga era un esqueleto viviente, pero estaba todavía viva) y la otra después. Una enfermera ha visto como más tarde estaba poniendo algo debajo de un arbol enfrente de un hospital y cuando llego a ver que era, era la otra galga ,también esquelética.

Como las dos tenian chip, se han hecho las denuncias y él por el momento está en libertad condicional. En el primer juicio, el juez ha dicho que no puede tener animales nunca más, y hay palabras diciendo que la denuncia puede llegar hasta 20.000 dollares. Las asociaciones en USA se están manifestando y dicen que puede tener hasta 5 años en el cárcel.

Suport group http://saritalca.com/
A Massachusetts man accused of leaving his adopted greyhounds alongside the road faced a judge in Connecticut on Wednesday.

Una de las galgas murió 4 días después.

Esto es una parte de la tradución de lo que es, haz clic en los enlaces y puedes ver la historia y este monstruo. Que lástima después de tener una vida de abuso en Irlanda, y aquí en España... su final sea asi! Pero la diferencia es eso.... Un caso así está por todos los noticias en un país tan grande como los Estados unidos, y mira aqui cada 2x3 un galgo muere asesinado.. y nadie tiene el interés ni siquiera la tele.. sólo de vez y cuando. Qué pena!
Vídeo: http://www.wfsb.com/news/15179003/detail.html

To see news report click the link below and then to the right the report will come up. Para ver reportaje, haz clic en enlace abajo, y clic a la derecha y sale el reportaje.

A man is accused in the USA of abusing 2 galga girls. The link below shows you the story which is all over every news channel.

These 2 girls left Ireland from having been "used" as racing dogs, and sent to Barcelona, for the same reason, to race. Its a push and shove worls if you are a galgo, just sent wherever someone can make a quick buck, no matter the consequences. So having already found themselves victims of abuse, once twice, the Barcelona track closed and they were left "surplus to requirements" - taken to one of the assoc. in Spain, they were sent on rescue to the USA.
In the USA one was adopted out to this man, who said all the rigt things in the adoption process. Sadly in such a large country its hard to do home visits. I know for me, I would not wish to adopta a galgo out without an ok from someone responsible checking out the home and family. A fellow assoc. in another area for eg. Later this monstor adopted another.

Herewith the abuse began again. Doomed, just for having been born a galgo. He starved them, and then was witnessed throwing one from his car, where the car behind stopped to see what it was, a poor galga girl who was so emaciated but she managed to wag her tail just a little. Next he dumped the other galga under a bush outside a hospital where he was witnessed by a nurse, she went to see what he had placed there, a galga. A skeletal galga.

Chipped, and taken to the vets sadly one of the girls died 4 days later, too weak to continue. I hope on rainbow bridge she starts her happy retirement from this world of cruelty.

My choice to tell you this is clear, in America this man faces charges and may be fined up to 20.000 dollars. He can face jail for up to 5 years and the country is up in arms over the abuse. the galgo supporters are out in force and this man will be punished for what he has done. Here in Spain the amount of galgos which suffer go way beyond counting, way beyond the 50.000 we know of which are abandoned, those hung in forests, in the dark dark night, dropped into wells, those we cannot count. But a fine of what could be 60 Euros says nothing. See the differance? A country which condemns abuse, of which the first hearing he has been ordered to never have an animal in his care again, and here, be it fiestas, "culture", or just plane will of wanting to abuse an animal is accepted with no justice at all.

Take a look at the link! somtimes I wonder what I am doing here living in a country which abuse animals in the name of fiestas, or just for the heck of it... but then I add myself to the number who want to protect them and we cannot turn away from it. They need us!

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